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Like the GPS navigation systems found on an automobile dashboard, are the GPS navigation devices available for the motorcycles. GPS for Motorcycles are highly appreciated by the bikers who are often excited to go on a long, thrilling, windy ride. The device at such time helps you guide the direction step-by-step and also curbs the inconvenience of reading a complicated map. Some of them enabled with the Bluetooth technology gives voice commands through the wireless Bluetooth enabled earphone. And some of them are equipped to locate the points of interest such as ATM, food zones, gas stations, etc.

Some of the leading companies which manufacture GPS for Motorcycles are: TomTom, Garmin, Magellan, Delorme, Trimble, Lowrance, etc. Each one of them is assembled with numerous features and is also an expensive purchase.

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The price range is variable and the less expensive ones are available at 300 USD. However, when you start looking for the best brand, the price starts from 600 USD for the Garmin zumo series and the higher versions are around 800-900 USD. However, while purchasing a GPS for Motorcycles, remember to look for those features which is necessary for you.

Following are some of the highly recommended, user-friendly, Navigation Systems for Motorcycles



  • An excellent choice for those looking for a GPS for Motorcycles.
  • It has a display size of 9.4 x 5.6 cm and a 4.3” screen which can be operated even if you are wearing gloves
  • The weight of the device is 270 gms
  • Touchscreen and readable in the sunlight
  • It works along the curvy tracks

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  • Its rubber case is resistant to UV rays, fuel and water spill
  • It comes with a fuel indicator so that you can know when you need to get the fuel re-fill
  • It also tells you when you need to speed down for the upcoming dangerous track
  • It can allow you to enable voice commands related to directions and navigation


  • With BaseCamp, you can plan your ride with the interesting points such as food zones, local spots of attraction and fuel stations in your tour and then follow that plan, simply.
  • It gives brightly colored displays indicating the change of routes and directions. Also the feature of TracBac allows you to reach the same spot back by following the original route.
  • With the option of Garmin Adventures, you can share your rides with others and can read and write the review of your rides, along with loading photographs and YouTube videos.
  • It can keep a track of tyre mileage, tyre pressure, tyre change, etc with the help of the Tyre pressure Monitor Sensor.

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The advantages of this model are

  • It comes with a lifetime map update
  • It features wireless Bluetooth technology where you can connect the handset with the Bluetooth and enable hands-free calling without the need to remove gloves or helmet
  • It speaks the street names and informs the tracks which are full of traffic
  • It displays the street signs on your way and lets you avoid the routes which are full of tolls
  • It tells you the points of interest like food zones or fuel stations

The disadvantages are

  • It is a little expensive
  • It does not have the facility of MP3 player or picture viewer
  • It does not have the facility of replaceable battery.
  • Does not give a 3-D terrain view and live weather support

BATTERY life of 7 hours.

PRICE is 599.99 USD



MAIN FEATURES – The main features are-

  • A 4.3” touchscreen and a bright display, easy to read in the sunlight, resistant to fuel and UV rays, water proof.
  • Gloves need not be removed while using the device
  • Bluetooth allows hands-free calling and does not require the removal of gloves or helmet
  • With MP3 player
  • Finds the adventurous, hilly routes and avoids the highways
  • It indicates sharp turns and speed changes.
  • It also tells the upcoming railway crossings, school areas, etc.

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  • The Zumo Up Ahead feature allows you to know the places of interest in the journey without the need to leave the road map.
  • The Easy Route Shaping lets you frame the route according to your preference, thereby covering the places and routes you would like while reaching the destination
  • The TracBack feature allows you to trace back the same path while returning.
  • It comes with the feature of Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor (sold separately) which can acknowledge the tyre pressure, tyre change, etc. on the zumo display.


  • It has the facility of voice commands in relation to the famous landmarks or buildings
  • It indicates the upcoming red signal or speed cameras
  • Also, you can know the number of miles you can run before the fuel tank gets empty and also gives you the location of fuel stations
  • The speed limit indicator tells you, in advance when you would need to slow down
  • You can also assess the mileage and performance of your bike with this device.
  • It comes with the facility of lifetime maps and numaps guarantee.

BATTERY life is 7 hours.

PRICE is 599.99 USD




  • A large, 5-inch touchscreen with bright color display, easy to read in the sunlight and glove-friendly
  • It has the Bluetooth technology which enables hands-free calling and spoken directions without the need to remove helmet and gloves
  • Its rubber cover withstands damage against fuel spills, water and UV rays
  • Enabled to read the directions in landscape and portrait view while the twisted, hilly rides
  • It allows you to access the weather forecast and the heavily trafficated routes
  • It alerts you with the upcoming road signals, schools, railway crossings, sharp curves and tells you when to reduce the speed
  • It gives spoken directions and names of popular landmarks.

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  • The feature of PhotoReal Junction View enables you to view realistic views of sites and junctions.
  • The zumo Up Ahead feature allows you to see the places of interest along the route, without leaving the navigation display.
  • The Easy Route Feature allows you to add a specific point of interest on the map and lets you change the route, as per your preference.
  • The feature LiveTrack enables you to share with your friends your current location


  • It also suggests you when to take a break from long rides
  • It tells you how many miles you have before the fuel tank will get empty and therefore, indicates you to go for a fuel refill. It tells all the available options of nearby fuel stations and the option of bike servicing.
  • It is featured with Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor which enables to sense pressure within the tyres and is also tells the mileage and bike performance.
  • It allows you to enjoy the MP3 music player while the ride or you can attach your smartphone with the device and can also browse the songs from Pandore or Spotify music services.

BATTERY life per charge is 4 hours

PRICE is 899.99 USD



MAIN FEATURES – the main features are

  • A 5 inch touchscreen display with high color contrast, easy to read in the sunlight and glove friendly
  • The Bluetooth technology enables hands-free calling
  • It allows you to connect MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, etc.
  • It is also resistant to the water and fuel spills
  • It tells the points of your interest during the ride and guides the directions by telling the names of popular buildings and landmarks
  • The TracBac option allows you to return via the same path

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  • Active Lane Guidance with commands help to cross the interchange and the Birds Eye Junction View helps in having an overhead view.
  • photoReal Junction View displays the most real view of the junctions and the colored arrows highlight the correct lane
  • It can sense the tyre pressure, tyre mileage, etc. through the Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensing
  • It tells the hilly terrain routes you would like to take


  • It gives the option of dual orientation, in a vertical and horizontal direction
  • It supports 3-D terrain and custom maps.
  • It comes with the option of removable battery
  • It comes with free map updates.

BATTERY life per charge is up to 4 hours

PRICE is 799.99 USD


TomTom Rider 400GARMIN TomTom Rider 400


  • A 4.3 inch, touchscreen with color contrast display
  • Dual screen orientations– Landscape and portrait
  • Allows you to choose the most twisted, hilly, windy routes and avoids highways
  • Allows you to share the ride with friends
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows hands-free calling
  • It gives you the suggestion on reducing the speed through speed alerts

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  • It is enabled with the TomTom’s Real-time traffic updates which tells you the upcoming high traffic tracks and wrong turns on the road
  • Can be plugged into the computer with the USB 2.0 port
  • Gives free lifetime map updates of 45 different countries
  • The charging bike dock which comes with the device enables the device to be turned on or off automatically in sync with the bike’s ignition


  • It is cheaper than the zumo 590LM
  • It is user-friendly
  • It comes with a car mount accessory which enables this device to be used in the cars, as well.

BATTERY life per charge is 6 hours

PRICE is 358.93 USD

BUY NOW : TomTom Rider 400

With a plethora of GPS devices in the market, it becomes a real difficulty for the bikers to select the one which fulfills their demands yet is pocket-friendly. However, just note down what your needs, in particular, are so that your purchase is worth the time and money.

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